Hello, my name is Rae Ann Hoehn .

 I create Fine Art

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Art comes in many forms, colors, shapes, and sizes. It's as free as a bird and as endless as the sea. There really is no accurate measure when it comes to art and its expression. Anything that embodies the creative expression of thoughts, feelings, and actions can be viewed as art and there is not one size that fits all because everyone has his own preferences when it comes to art and its many forms.
As an artist I am always looking through the eyes of the camera or my imagination and vision of nature, colors and shapes. Whether I am on a bike or walking or in some fun place, I look for the magic that nature is showing at that moment. 

 As a teacher I love to add creativity to anyone who  is there to learn.  Age 3 to 93 I have had fun teaching and learning from  others.  Many of my paintings have  the inspiration of children someplace in the creative process,  I am a teacher at heart and have a degree in Art from North Central College in Nashville, Illinois.
 I paint in a variety of mediums and styles. All depending on what the inspiration call for at the time. Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors and a mix of mediums. My paintings are sometimes framed and sometimes painted over edge on thicker canvas. I also have large portable murals that are fabric backed and on rods. Please contact me if you are interested for not all my paintings are on this website.

Pushing boundaries with Abstract Realism Artwork

Teaching other with Painting Classes in Oregon IL

If you're into visual art, and are looking for a great place to find exceptional Abstract Realism Artwork by talented local artists in Ogle County IL, or for top-notch Painting Classes Oregon IL aspiring artists rely on for outstanding education and training, you couldn't have come to a better place!

Welcome to Art by Rae  The premier destination for exceptional Abstract Realism Artwork.

Art by Rae is a place dedicated to the creation, appreciation, and sharing of information and ideas about art. As an art teacher with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of art forms, I am genuinely passionate about sharing my knowledge to enrich the minds and skills of anyone willing to learn. We cater to the art education needs of students ranging from 3 to 93, because we believe that art knows no bounds in terms of age, sex, color, or creed.
Art by Rae I am also committed to offering exceptional art pieces to art lovers, collectors, and anyone looking to purchase top quality original artwork, whether to adorn the walls of their home or office, or to give out as special gifts to friends, family, and other loved ones.
I serve clients throughout the United States and may be reached by phone at 815  973-0176 You may also send me an email at artbyrae@comcast.net any time and I'll make sure to get back to you as quickly as possible.,
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I am starting classes in this wonderful new location in downtown Oregon.

Cork & Tap has a great relaxed classroon and lighting that will help you to have fun as you learn to paint.

What you'll love best is the painting you can take home and be happy to display in your home or office.
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